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Business Analytics Services

portal-103791671-300x220We offer business analytics services, to ensure that our client has a scope of improvement every day. Our analytic services study your past, elevate your present and strategize your future. This helps in finding loopholes in the organization if any. Analytic services are an aid in determining the strengths and weaknesses of the business henceforth, making you prepared for every situation.

Data comparisons, future strategies, past analysis everything is presented to you either in visual or tabular formats.


  1. ETL Process
    shutterstock_335468651 [Converted]The process of Extraction, Transformation and Loading is the first and integral step of business analysis. This refers to taking out the data from various bills, invoices and other documents then transforming them into one single format which is easy to record. Loading refers to further storing the data into a data warehouse. Our ETL systems are thoughtfully designed to avoid any operational problems. This can be done daily, weekly or monthly in accordance with the requirement of our clients.


  1. Data Analysis
    shutterstock_235251619-[Converted]Analysis of data helps in decision making by reviewing, evaluating and modelling the data. Apart from decision making it helps you gage your success rate or reasons of flaws if any. Technically, it ensures better running of your business.
    You don’t have to be worried about the analysis. You keep working, we will weigh your hard work for you. “THE GOAL IS TO TURN DATA INTO INFORMATION, AND INFORMATION INTO INSIGHT.” We strongly believe in this quote by Carly Fiorina. The insights of your business is our lookout.


  1. KPI (Key-Points Indicator)
    shutterstock_317303237Our KPI feature supports you to focus on key points of your business, be it financial, personnel performance, transportation, predictions, comparison etc. In addition to this, you can also set benchmarks for yourself and later assess its progress. KPI gives you specific information about your business organization which is comprehensive in nature and hence helps in better understanding of the current situation.



  1. Advance Portal
    shutterstock_103791671Considering the technological advancements, we have created a portal dedicated just for analytic services. We assign you an ID which helps you login into your account and access all the analytic details related to your organization. The portal is made user-friendly. It consists of textual and graphical formats. Visual representation of information and insights is given on the portal which can be easily explained to concerned people in your company. Information is regularly updated and transformed considering your needs and requirements. KPI are loaded into that account and relevant comprehensions of business are uploaded. This keeps you connected with us and your business simultaneously.


  1. Geographical Analysis
    shutterstock_16526539This dynamic feature helps you trace your shipments or deliveries through a detailed schedule. It gives you minute to minute report and ensures that nothing is going haywire and even if due to circumstances it has gotten impromptu then also you have prior notice about it.