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EDI Services


  1. Connecting Trading Partners

shutterstock_115262968The tedious process of Supply Chain Data Integration is made easier by our professionals. With the help of technology in form of EDI (Electronic Data Exchange), we do Proprietary mapping and Invoice processing. Our experts have got their hands on all common data processing formats namely, ANSI X12, UN/EDIFACT, XML, common flat files, and Microsoft Excel. Common modern formats are taken into account for transmitting data, including FTP, SFTP, AS/2 and E-Mail.

We understand the need of having a software to read all those poorly handwritten bills and invoices. Our softwares process all your Purchase Orders or BOL/Shipment Files, Advanced Shipment Notifications [ASN], and Shipment Status Update messages. This reduces any delay or communication barriers while we are handling your services. Once your suppliers are brought on-board to the Tranistics system, we start tracking all your messages to guarantee that they are processed accordingly.

Our specialists lessen yours’ and your suppliers’ efforts equally.


  1. Mapping

shutterstock_128187719Messaging and communicating between trading partners is done through various formats. Hence, it becomes really difficult to integrate data. EDI Mapping allows your business to exchange data with partners more efficiently, improving customer relationships, increased profitability, and long-term business success.

Our team of EDI experts offer the years of experience and flexibility that you need. They work with all your trading partners using detailed testing protocols to work through each data file set and ensure a quality transition. Each file is then carefully mapped into the Tranistics database for complete translation and full incorporation along with all other customers data sources.