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Logistics Support


Hundreds of bills a day! Keeping a track of those bills and logistics manually is a cumbersome process. Document management processes slower down because of hard copies being written in various manners.
We convert all the hardcopies into structured data files with the help of our softwares and applications, not compromising with your in-house billing/payment services. The compatibility of all the documents is uniformly maintained.

 1. Freight Bill Auditing

hand-holding-paper-sheet-1In today’s era, maintaining record of everything is a multifaceted process. Resulting to increased labor cost, wastage of time and money. Also, the price-point at which you are buying things could be manipulated.

Keeping all these concerns in mind we thought of a quick and well-organized solution.

Professionals at Tranistics, with the help of an industry leading proprietary rate engine automatically determine the correct rates for a given shipment. This empowers our clients to save both money and time and also enables to coordinate with Transportation Providers and other vendors to correct ongoing billing issues.

Our experience and finest services in auditing Supply Chain invoices have led to global recognition as a leading business process outsourcing solution. We render our services to businesses ranging from the small and private companies to the world’s leading third-party Freight Audit and Payment firms.

 2. Contract (Pricing/Rates) Management

shutterstock_2947986Transportation Provider contracts are an integral part of invoicing cycle. All your invoicing has to be made on the terms that you had negotiated upon while signing the contract and without a centralized repository and an efficient reading of incoming invoices the verification is in risk. Verifying, if the supplier has issued the invoice conferring to the agreement regarding the rate structure is a tedious process.

We have separate body to take care of contract management. Our rate management personnel specializes in interpreting supply.


3. Accurate Data Entry and Processing

shutterstock_153841187We have mastered “Data Entry” service with the help of our Data Solution Engineers who have been working in this field from past 30 years now.

Our prospective and existing clients range from a boutique to a Multi-National Organization. At, Tranistics we will deliver best Data Capture Solution at best prices. Along with accuracy we take care of the security as well. From smooth data collection to the fast and careful data entry of freight and custom brokerage documents, to processing of data using offline and online data entry processes, we provide supreme quality at good price. We have a separate workforce aligned just for Freight Data Management. We take those unevenly written hard copies of invoices and documents from you to convert them into readable formats. Language is no restraint. Be it Excel Spreadsheets, PDF files or any other format we hardly have the word ‘No’ in our dictionary.

4. Lead Tools

shutterstock_115262968Lead Tools is a very innovative technology which can easily convert all your invoices with image, mobile phone captures, scanned documents or PDF files into readable text document. Hence, all your crucial invoice data gets automatically processed from invoice images to readable format allowing you to use it for further purposes. Tranistics make use of Lead Tools to simplify invoice data entry into uniform invoice formats.



5. Data Standardization/Harmonization

shutterstock_285251927Data standardization compiles similar data under one roof making it easier for a business man to pull out information from business intelligence data. The inconsistency of data in terms of postal codes, areas etc. makes segregation of data labor intensive and time consuming. To reduce efforts normalization is done. We at Tranistics, work to make your business easier for you in every manner.
We normalize your data to intelligently derive standardized values for diversified information.