Carrier Documentation

Carrier Document Creation

We provide transportation provider and logistics companies with the ability to streamline document creation, including Bill of Lading (BOL) creation and data capture, while reducing their overall cost.  We ensure our customer’s documents and data are captured and created accurately, quickly and consistently. We also have the ability create custom Bill of Lading templates for those customers who need it.

Why Use Tranistics to Create/Capture Your Bill of Lading?

Tranistics has years of experience in both creating and capturing information from Bill of Lading documentation. We bring that  experience, low cost and accuracy to this  job that demands precision. Our customers expect perfection, at a low cost, utilizing the latest technologies, and  Tranistics provides all of these to our customers around the world.

Advantages Of Tranistics Creating Your Electronic BOL

• Electronic BOLs reduce the chances of fraud due to its features which include audits, PIN codes & electronic signatures, etc.

• Electronic BOLs can be transferred anywhere around the world in very little time, ensuring quicker transactions.

• Removes the cost of paper as well as the cost involved in sending papers to different destinations by courier.

• Electronic BOLs are easily edited and modified whenever required.

What a Bill of Lading Includes

• Name & address of the shipper and consignee
• Purchase order and reference numbers
• Special instructions
• Date of pick-up
• The description of items on the shipment
• Packaging details
• Freight class