Invoice Data Capture

Invoice Data Capture

Our invoice data capture services are widely used by freight audit & payment companies, logistics providers and transportation providers around the world. All of these companies understand the complexity of reviewing and capturing invoice data, so that incorrect costs or allocations are prevented, while at the same time providing in depth reporting capabilities based on the data presented on the invoices.

Let Us Capture the Invoice Data for You

We capture and key invoice data from provider invoices and backup documents every day. We are well versed in reviewing all backup documentation, including proof of delivery, purchase orders, bill of ladings, etc. to find and capture all relevant information pertaining to the products, services, payment terms, etc., which are crucial processing, validating and paying transportation invoices. In addition, our customers also benefit from these features.

  • Reduction in costs; both processing of the invoices and from future negotiations utilizing the data captured
  • Reduction in staffing and associated overhead costs
  • Accurate and error free capture of the invoice data

Significant Savings

We assist our customers across the globe by capturing invoice data from more than 25,000 invoices per day. We capture this data from a variety of sources ranging from faxes, to TIFF images, to paper invoices. We capture all of the data you need to accurately assign, validate and ultimately allocate general ledger coding to so that you can reduce your manual costs, while at the same time provide your customer with accurate information and the opportunity to pass along a cost savings to them.

Customs Documentation

We perform customs documentation data capture and review for logistics customers as well. While this varies from working with freight invoices, our team works with various customers to review and capture information from customs documentation around the world.

Why Use Tranistics?

  • Reduce manual efforts and speed up back office operations.
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Assures accurate data capture
  • Scalable solutions based on invoice volumes