Data & Document

Data & Document Digitalization

We assist our customers with the organization, management and digitization of their vast and crucial data. This data can come in many different formats, such as images, Excel sheets, paper, Microsoft Word, etc. We convert and manage your documents into a readable and easily accessible format, resulting in fewer dedicated resources, reduced overall costs, and less time required from your teams. The digitization of your data assists you with running and managing your business much more smoothly. We modify these documents into a compressed and portable format, which can be easily accessed by your authorized team. We can convert any document into HTML, eBook, PDF, OCR, microfilm, EDI, XML and many other file formats.

We Convert And Digitize Big Data

Our data digitization services are capable of resolving the difficulties of document administration and the management of paper documents, which requires time and resources, resulting in unnecessary costs for companies. Digitization enables you to manage millions of records in a secure properly digitized format and allows any authorized person to easily retrieve and access this data whenever required.

Our HTML conversion process converts any word document or text file into HTML coding format.

Tranistics PDF conversion is also part of our Data Conversion Services and our skilled team can convert any PDF file into any other non-pdf required format.

Tranistics utilizes advanced tools to fetch text from any image or document, regardless of the resolution, with precision and perfection. Our ICR, OCR and OMR solutions speed up process of converting books and documents into text or MS Word formats.

This process converts microfilm and microfiche formats into digital images.

This process includes the service of managing and storing big data, of any format, in a uniform manner for future retrieval and process.

Our XML (Extensible Markup Language) conversion service provides the most reliable cost to support businesses needing to convert their data from such formats as TXT, HTML, PDF, JPEG, etc into an XML format.

We can regenerate any file into SGML (Standardized Generalized Markup Language), which is mainly used for storing and sharing machine-readable documents.

We can convert any media file such images, videos, etc., into any another format as required.

We can convert any hard document copies into any digital format that you require, saving you time, resources and ultimately money.

Data Security is Our Top Priority!

Tranistics assures clients that their data is secure with us and we protect your data from unauthorized access and data theft throughout the project life-cycle. Our data security measures include data encryption, tokenization and this ultimately prevents unauthorized access, theft, etc. We protect data across all applications and platforms.