Freight Audit & Payment

Freight Bill Audit & Payment Services

Our freight bill audit and payment services assist our clients in trying to simplify and streamline their processes involving complex, high volume and multiple currency/language freight bills from transportation providers around the world. Tranistics ensures all data is captured correctly, pricing is configured to allow for systematic auditing, manual auditing is performed correctly, general ledger coding is configured and applied to each shipment correctly and ultimately your customers can view critical data in the reports that you provide to them.

Customer Implementation

Our customer implementation services assist freight audit & payment companies with streamlining their processes, while at the same time reducing overall costs. We have helped countless clients around the world to implement and execute new technologies, resulting in small to massive improvements to their customer’s supply chains.

Project Management

Our project management professionals offer our global clients best in class services and utilize the latest technologies to assist you in the definition, planning, execution and maintenance of any project. We have extensive experience managing projects within the logistics and transportation industries.

Back Office Processing

Our back office support services enable our clients within the Logistics & Transportation Industries to identify, manage and maintain large volumes of customer data and projects. These volumes can be in the forms of invoices, freight bill audits, pricing queries, reporting queries or any other range of data services. We ensure all tasks are performed with the highest of quality and accuracy, ensuring all requirements and customer satisfaction are met.

IT Support

Our IT support team is experienced in providing the best IT solutions to the Logistics & Transportation Provider Industry. We areĀ  experienced in providing software solutions and application development that further enhance and grow our customer’s current solutions. We utilize the latest cloud technologies to produce web based applications, mobile applications and customized websites.

Staff Augmentation

Tranistics staff augmentation service implements the best staffing for your company and required solutions. We have worked extensively with customers in the Logistics & Transportation Provider Industry. We assist our clients by providing skilled resources to work hand in hand with their in-house team on either a short-term or long-term basis. Our staffing solutions remove costs and liabilities that you would otherwise face by adding full time resources.

Customer Support

Our customer support services are a cost effective, time saving, and extended coverage solution that allows customers to leverage our global offices and experience to provide best in class service to their customers. We assist our clients by providing customer service across time zones, in multiple languages, and for some of the largest companies and transportation providers around the world. By working with Tranistics, you can streamline your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Process and facilitate business growth and profitability.