Customs Documentation

Customs Brokerage firms must stay in touch with international trade regulations and maintain up-to-date knowledge of customs clearance processes for all necessary countries.  Thus, the complex nature of global trade makes it very difficult for customs brokerage firms to operate efficiently and effectively.

It is these challenges that has many brokerage firms turning to Tranistics for our secure, reliable and flexible customs document processing solutions.  We ensure prompt and accurate processing of your customs documentation and it’s vital data elements.  We work with a wide range of customs documentation and will be able to accommodate and/or develop a solution that fits your needs.

Some of Our Services

Our team can process your documents as well as assist with the EDI configuration to ensure the utilization of ACROSS is maximized during the importation of goods into Canada.

We will capture all of the relevant data require for RMD and the importing of your goods and products.

We will complete the B3 Form documentation and review your documents to ensure the proper licenses, permits and certificates are included with each submission.

We can assist in the creation of your NAFTA Certificate of Origin.

We also provide companies with Harmonized System Code rating book and a number of other sources, the HS Code on commodities is identified. “The Harmonized System is an international nomenclature for the classification of products. It allows participating countries to classify traded goods on a common basis for customs purposes.”

We will review the customs clearance documents and partition and index them accordingly, while extracting the necessary information.

We Are the Trusted Provider for Customs Brokers throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico to Key and Process Their Customs Documentation.

Tranistics 360 Degree Solution

Tranistics offers a 360 degree solution ensuring timely creation and submission of your customs documentation.  Our experienced team of experts will expertly review, capture and file all required forms and documents to the necessary agencies on your behalf.  We have engineered our solutions so they can be configured and integrated with your technologies if required.

Our goal is to provide you best in class customs document support services so that you can focus on the business of moving products across borders, without interruption.

Advantages of Utilizing Our 360 Degrees Solution

  • Reduces the creation and submission time of all customs and related documentation
  • Single source of data entry, reducing processing time and cost
  • Our in house EDI development team and technologies will seamlessly integrate your document submission to available agencies
  • Our services are configurable, so that we can ensure we meet your business needs and goals

B3 Form Processing

“The B3 Form is an accounting document used for paying duties and taxes between the USA and Canada”

Due to it’s critical nature, the processing and submission of B3 forms for Customs Brokers is vital to not only moving goods across the border, but also for accounting purposes.  The incorrect completion or submission of this form can not only affect the delivery timeline of your shipments, but also reduce the efficiencies built into any organization’s supply chain.

Tranistics has a dedicated team will support you by ensuring your B3 form generation process is streamlined and meets all of your business needs.  Our team of experts go through an extensive training process to ensure your B3 form generation process is both seamless and error-free.

Why Utilize Tranistics B3 Form Processing Services?

Dedicated Experts: Our team of experts have the skills and experience to ensure your B3 Forms are processed and submitted quickly and correctly.

Detailed Research And Verification: Tariff Treatment, Value for Duty Code (VFD) and NAFTA certifications imposed on shipping invoices are thoroughly researched and verified.

Compliance: We ensure all internal processes are carried out acc