Pricing Contract &
Tariff Management

Tranistics Pricing & Validation Services

Tranistics assists our freight audit & payment companies by helping them manage their customer’s negotiated pricing contracts. Our dedicated teams work with the customers to interpret, analyze, validate and ultimately load the negotiated pricing into the customer’s rating application, so that the rates are available for any automated rating processes.

Our teams are dynamic in that we can work directly with you or we can allocate associates to be solely dedicated to your team, whereby they are just an extension of your company and can work with your customers to collect rate cards or contracts and perform the necessary tasks on them. The team setup is determined by you, but we are willing to work with you to develop a solution that is best for your company. In the end, we will ensure all rate contracts are formatted and loaded securely in your rating solution and that the rate cards are always available to your customers for viewing purposes if needed.

Modes for Which We Process & Manage Rates

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